Generosity is beyond virtuous; it’s the fuel that encourages our sometimes-broken society to become a compassionate engine for constructive change. People can be generous in so many ways. Some are charitable with their time. Some have resources aplenty to share. Some can give financially with little sacrifice. Still others benevolently give even when it isn’t easy.

“That’s what I consider true generosity: You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”

― Simone de Beauvoir

At Hope Restored Canada, we are in fundraiser mode. The need for funds is ever increasing as our reach and programs continue to grow. We asked a few of our regular donors to answer several questions about why they give to the cause. We hope these answers inspire you.

 What inspires you to give to Hope Restored Canada (HRC)?

“The CEO spoke with me about HRC in Saskatoon. I don’t live in Saskatchewan, but I found the mission and vision of the organization compelling. To know there are woman, and girls as young as 13, being sexually exploited and to do nothing? Not possible. As a result, I became a monthly donor. When I was in Saskatoon last November and heard that HRC needed to raise $40k before the end of the year, I gave some more. I wasn’t alone. The support was amazing.”

I heard about the need. That’s inspiring enough”

“I was inspired to give to HRC because the cause is intertwined with my life. I am a foster mom and have seen firsthand what sex trafficking can do to a family. I have seen the disadvantages women have been born into and how generational trauma has been passed down. I believe in this program because it equips women to gain self confidence in themselves when they may have never had the support before.”

How do you want your donation to make a difference?

“I hope it provides some encouragement for the organization. It’s not a lot, but hopefully lots of people are willing to give something so it can add up.”

“I want my donation to make a difference in a few areas. I want these ladies to know that they are loved; deeply loved by people who may never personally know them. I want them to know they are thought of and prayed for. I want them to know there are people who want to sacrifice for them. I want their tangible needs to be met. I want to financially support the people who work there so they have the freedom to pour into the ladies’ lives. I don’t want these ladies to survive. I want them to THRIVE! And finances are needed to help them thrive.”

“I want the capable and dedicated team at HRC to continue to be able to provide safe spaces and restorative support to the women and girls who need them. They know better than I how to do this. I’m happy to support them knowing that my donation is making a difference.”

How has donating impacted your life?

“Donating has brought me a sense of sacrifice. Sacrifice to say ‘no’ to things so I can continue to support HRC. It has made me re-evaluate the use of my own money and where I spend it.” 

“I’ve been a volunteer and a donor for many organizations. My sense of being part of a caring society has been enhanced with every volunteer opportunity I’ve had. Donating to causes like HRC makes me feel like I’m part of the solution to problems we face, and it just feels right.”

“It helps me to think about others.”

Do you feel like you have grown in your understanding of our cause since becoming a donor?

“Yes. I follow the progress of HRC more closely and am overjoyed with each story they share of a woman or girl who has reclaimed her self-esteem and her power.”

Have you shared with others about HRC?

“Yes. I’ve talked with family and friends about the work that Hope Restored Canada is doing.”

“I do share HRC with others because I believe in it. I believe in the importance of a relationship that is so valued within the organization. It is not a band-aid fix. It is generational healing, and I am excited to see HRC grow!”

What would you say to someone considering donating to HRC?

“The need is there. These girls deserve a chance! Every little bit helps.”

“I would say research it! Talk to the people who work there! Talk to the women involved! See what their needs are and how you can be involved. Research the crisis of missing Métis and indigenous women. Research residential schools and the 60’s scoop. Research homelessness and social services. I believe you need to be 100% behind a cause before donating.  What can you give to loving people?”

“This is an organization that makes a difference to peoples’ lives now. I wish I could donate more. I encourage you to donate whatever you can to help HRC continue the vital work they’re doing.”

The need for financial donations is ever present. As with any charitable organization, we rely on regular monthly donors to offset the day-to-day expenses that arise. We appreciate all donations, whatever the size or frequency, and cannot thank you enough for your support.  Maybe today is the day you share HRC with a friend. Perhaps today is the day you reach into your wallet and give a little bit extra to a cause that is positively impacting people right here in our city. 

As one of our donors said: “I don’t want these ladies to survive. I want them to THRIVE! And finances are needed to help them thrive.”

Thank you for your continued support in whatever capacity you give it.