Human Trafficking. The phrase brings to mind a myriad of images and feelings. What comes to your mind? Is it distant countries, affecting an impoverished people group? Maybe you picture large urban centers where one can get easily lost in the fray. Do you ever suppose you’ve interacted with a trafficked individual? Trafficking exists as much on the prairies as it does globally. 

Hope Restored Canada (HRC) recently collaborated with the U of S and Prairie Action Foundation to release a new report revealing the state and scope of human trafficking in Saskatchewan and throughout the Canadian Prairies. The report examines scope, characteristics, and determinants of domestic human trafficking of women and girls within and across the three provinces of the prairies (Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba), and gauges stakeholder services and supports available for those who are or have been impacted by sexual exploitation and human trafficking. 

‘Human Trafficking in the Prairie Provinces’

Spanning five chapters, the report ultimately guides its readers to engage in the conversation with a spirit of humility and ears to hear.

Findings conclude adequate investments in the core pillars of a social support system are required to appropriately address the needs for safety for individuals at risk of human trafficking. 

This includes access to:

  • Safe affordable housing
  • accessible childcare
  • safe and affordable transportation especially in rural and remote communities
  • adequate income supports
  • assess to food

While some government run programs attempt to address these needs, the report shows the importance of non-profit organizations in addressing human trafficking. Change is needed when it comes to frontline organizations and their service delivery.

“Decolonization of supports and philosophies is a must,” said Joeline Magill, Executive Director of HRC. “Simply put, our societal systems are contributing to the ongoing cycles of exploitation and disempowerment of the involved population.”

While it may sometimes feel like we’re emptying a sinking ship, a cupful of water at a time, “HRC is excited to apply these recommendations and the program evaluation framework directly into the work we do, allowing it to influence our policies, services, and way we work.” 

We eagerly invite you to peruse the report for yourself. 

It’s not a light read, but it’s important. 

Together we can be informed and start to move the needle in a positive manner. Please consider taking the next step with us. Read the report; share this blog with your friends and colleagues; consider engaging with other resources we have on our website. Knowledge and a humble willingness to listen, is one step in the right direction.

To learn more about the report and its findings, visit https://www.hoperestoredcanada.org/resources