Safety & Advocacy

Offering a safe place to seek support for those in the sex industry who want it. We seek to disrupt the stigma and barriers that exist within the healthcare and social systems, instead bringing connection and care.

Our Approach

HRC provides a safe place for participants to experience safety and love and inspire hope that their life can be different.

Our mission is succinctly expressed through the H.O.P.E. Model:


Seeing each person restored physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, providing individualized care through recovery programming, housing options, and practical support.

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Compassion, empathy, holistic support, and caring intervention through access to referrals, outreach workers, and individualized social supports and exit strategies.

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Formal and informal relationships with affiliate organizations, service providers, and funders.


Informing and influencing individuals and organizations about the systemic and systematic causes and effects of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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