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Hope Restored is an organization providing support to people who have been sexually exploited and trafficked. Based in Saskatoon, SK, we are a safe space for resources and support without judgment.

Number title goes here… – 700

Are Canadian citizens
Average age of entry
Knew their trafficker

Our Approach: H.O.P.E

Together we support cis and trans women, as well as Two Spirit individuals overcome barriers and access the power, strength and resilience they have internally.


  • Recovery strategies and processes
  • Support groups & mentorship
  • Access to transitional housing
  • Individualized case planning
  • Incorporating culture, reconnection to ceremony
  • Child reunification


  • Outreach workers
  • Referrals
  • Individualized social supports & exit strategies
  • Transportation


  • Affiliate organizations
  • Service providers
  • Investors and members


  • Awareness and training for the public, frontline workers, and institutions on sexual exploitation & trafficking
  • Breaking down myths and stereotypes
  • Research and recommendations

Why this matters

In 2021, Saskatchewan had rates of human trafficking that were 1.8 times higher than the national average. More specifically, Saskatoon reported 336 percent more incidences (4.6 incidents per 100,000) of human trafficking to police than the national average (1.4 incidents per 100,000).

Sexual exploitation is an issue in our city, and we all play a role in disrupting the stigma and the barriers to care that sexually exploited people face.

Selling sex for survival is part of a complex history of gender discrimination, racism, and colonization. It is connected to our shared history of colonization and our responsibility to Truth and Reconciliation. Indigenous women account for 50 percent of the victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking in Canada. 63% of sexually exploited people are between 15 and 24 years of age, and newcomers, those within the welfare system, and members of the LGBTQ2S+ community are also overrepresented in the sex industry.

We are a community, and everyone deserves a safe place to turn when they are in need – especially those with additional social stressors and complex barriers to care.

No one can do it all. No one can do it alone. Everyone must find their role as neighbours and fellow citizens.

Ways to partner with Hope Restored Canada

All citizens have a part to play in making Saskatchewan safe.  All members of our community deserve safety, security, care and access to necessary supports.  Here are ways in which you can make the H.O.P.E. model a reality.


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